Michael J Kania, DDS, PA  
                    Specialist in Orthodontics                           

Sunday, January 21, 2018


1.  If I have to have teeth removed, will I end up with spaces when I am finished with my braces? 

      No, there will be no spaces remaining when your orthodontic treatment is completed.  Although we try to provide our patients with a non-extraction treatment option (no teeth pulled), the amount of crowding present along with the position of the teeth relative to the individual jaw bones will sometimes require the patient to have teeth removed.  The space created by removing teeth will then be used to eliminate the crowding and to align the remaining teeth in their proper position on each jawbone.  

2.  How long will I have to wear braces?

      This is a difficult question to accurately answer since every patient is different.  Many factors contribute to the lengthof time it takes to complete orthodontic treatment.  If you keep you regularly scheduled appointments, do not break your appliances, and wear your rubberbands as instructed, your treatment will have the best chance to progresses in a timely manner.  Other factors, such as the amount and rate of growth that occurs during treatment and the complexity of the case, can also effect the amount of time you wear braces. 

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