Michael J Kania, DDS, PA  
                    Specialist in Orthodontics                           

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Oral Hygiene Instructions

For your Oral Hygiene

• Adequate tooth brushing and flossing is paramount now that the braces are in place. Please ensure that you
   brush as per instructed.
• You also need to carefully consider your diet to avoid consuming foods high in sugar and acidic drinks.  Also, to
   avoid damaging your braces, it is essential to avoid any food that is hard, sticky, ooey, gooey, or chewy!
• Orthodontic appliances do not cause cavities, but because of their presence, plaque and food particles are 
   retained more readily and the cavity potential is increased.
• It is important to have regular check-ups  and cleanings at your family dentist during orthodontic treatment.

Brushing - Picture 1

Use a dry brush with a small amount of toothpaste. 
Place bristles where gum and teeth meet

Brushing - 2

Use circular, vibrating motion around the gumline, spending
about 10 seconds around each tooth

Brushing picture3

Brush slowly, each arch (upper and lower teeth) seperately.
Concentrate on every tooth

Brushing - picture4

Brush the lower teeth upwards and the upper teeth downwards.
Brush the roof of your mouth and tongue too. And don't forget to floss!


Here is an example of what teeth can look like after braces if proper oral
hygiene is not practiced!  Notice the white lines - this is decalcification
and it is permanent!